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Awaken to the potency of your being!

Caterpillars are made up of cells that make them behave as a caterpillar should... eating and growing, growing and eating. Mouth cells, stomach cells, leg cells, all with a very important job to do! But one day, the leaves are no longer as tasty, the hunger is no longer as compelling... there’s a change in the wind. The body is slowing down, feeling a call, but it feels as though something is wrong! Suddenly, cells that had a mission to complete before find themselves adrift and purposeless. Mouth cells, stomach cells, leg cells, all halted in place. It finds a lonely branch, builds itself a coffin for the impending doom, and its cells begin to melt down. In this chaos, when eyeballs and legs float around in a cellular soup, a new type of cell awakens, the Imaginal cell. This cell is full of raw potentiality, and it has an idea of what it would like to be...This Imaginal cell sends out the call, and other Imaginal cells swim forth, knitting around this new vision... the vision of flight! Together, by sharing this thought about what they could do, from the wreckage of the caterpillar emerges an entirely new creature. This metamorphosis has inspired legends and captures our attention daily, because we deeply resonate with this story. As our lives go along, we are content. One fateful day, we hear a call within to do something differently, and it makes no sense. We try desperately to ignore it and carry on, munching away, but this call will not be silenced. We wall ourselves off, to have our breakdown, to go within for the death that is inevitable. In that death, that pain and surrender to all that we have known, a speck of light emerges. An idea, a glimmer of a new purpose. The thought that maybe all this mess had a sacred purpose, to melt and purify us to becoming what we truly were made to be! All the intuition, people, guides, who support and share this vision rush in, weaving and banding together to birth this new life. A life that that’s ready to expand far beyond the cabbage leaf! A journey in which we fly far and wide, drink the sweet nectar of the earth and breathe the fresh air of every new sunrise. Imaginal Breathwork sees you as this creature, with your awakening following these steps: a program, a call to something more, a meltdown, and a rebirth. Many times, again and again. I wish to support you through this with ritual breath, music, bodywork, art, and integration. Contact me to find out more. 


Imaginal Breathwork Session

Breathe, the Universe is taking care of everything else.

Imaginal Breathwork is a modality that harnesses the breath, music, art, bodywork and imagination to release stagnant energy in the body. This stagnant energy could present as lack of motivation, confusion, lack of engagement with your mission, anxiety, depression, or constant and profound fluctuations in your life. Let breathwork restore you to the force that you truly are. Contact me to find out more. 


Energy Reading

Connecting remotely, I hold safe and sacred space for your spirit to relax, to be witnessed, and to show us what you most need to know right now to fully show up in your life. Aura cleansing, current energy reading, seeing how your energy looks when making different life decisions, past-life readings, and intuitive counseling are all offerings and possibilities in one of our sessions. Contact me to find out if we are a good fit for one another. 


Energy-Based Artwork

The language of the soul

Connecting in sacred space, we uncover the imagery that your spirit most wants you to see in present time. Using the colors, feelings, and pattens that your soul shows me, I will create a piece of original artwork to help remind you of your journey. Seeing this message from deep inside yourself will help encourage you to keep doing the inner work that only you can do. 


Power Pieces

Sacred Altar Item

Similar to energy-based artwork, through a one-on-one session, we connect and determine what object would help you feel most connected to the Divine, your highest self, your animal totem, or your ancestors. I will make a physical representation of your journey with various mediums, from clay, driftwood, feathers, crystals, and painted elements. These power pieces bring your personal legend to any altar.

Request a free consultation to see if you’d like to work with me!


“Breath is such a powerful metaphor for life... it’s something that you are both doing and something that is happening whether you’re conscious of it or not. Engage with life, engage with breath, be a conscious creator”

Kenleigh Vazquez


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